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SV-1 Wireless EZ Preg Checker

    • No probe cables to catch on crates or sows
    • Exceptional Image Quality with iPad’s Retina Display
    • Easy to Learn & Comfortable to Use
    • Digital Images Easily Stored and Retrieved
    • Cine Memory Stores 100 Frames of Video for Easy Review of Current Scan
    • Probe Creates It’s Own Wireless Network
    • RFID Ear Tag Reader Built in to Probe
    • 3.5 MHz scan frequency allows scan depths from 10-18cm
    • 3 hour battery life (Aux power supply available to extend scan time if needed)


SV-1 Package Includes:

    • Lightweight 6.8 oz probe
    • Apple iPad Mini 2
    • Waterproof iPad case
    • USB charger for iPad and probe
    • Wireless charger for probe
    • Custom hard-sided carry case for all components
    • 2 year warranty

Product Description

  • Specifications

    • Wireless iPad Operation
    • 3.5 MHz Transducer
    • Depth: 100-180 mm
    • 256 Gray shades
    • 4 Hour Battery Life
    • Weight: 6.8 oz

         Next Software Upgrade (Scheduled January 2016) to Include:

    • Ear Tag Reader
    • Back Fat Software

         Future Software Upgrade (Summer/Fall 2016) Planned to Include:

    • RFID Reader
    • Integration with Commercial Production Software


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